What exactly can a periodontist do for bone loss?

You may visit a periodontist to have some repairs done to your mouth and they may find that there’s damage from periodontitis. That can result in bone loss, which can make certain types of surgery like dental implants difficult to impossible without some kind of restoration. Here are some of the options that periodontists can consider after looking at the state of your teeth and your bone structure.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

This isn’t one type of surgery, actually. It’s several: gingivectomy, osseous surgery, and flap surgery. Their purposes are to clean out the pockets that form around a tooth once periodontal disease sets in. It depends on how advanced the decay is and also how much bacteria has formed. They have to go in deep since the pockets themselves are so deep that not even regular brushing or flossing can reach the bottom. To not do that would invite further complications down the road. They can put a flap to allow the gum to adhere to the bone.

Tooth Removal

Sometimes there is too much damage to save the tooth and there’s too much bacteria and infection to warrant risking leaving the tooth where it is. So the periodontist will have to take the tooth or teeth out. That area may or may not be a candidate for an implant later. If multiple teeth are removed, then dentures could be an option – though sometimes dentures can cause bone loss too due to their wearing down the ridges. So implants could be a better option. Whether the implant would be able to take is depending on how much bone is left, which could possibly be rectified by the last procedure.

Bone Reshaping

Many times this may be done along with the tooth removal since it also means that you won’t have to come back for a second surgery, which can be a huge timesaver.. This procedure is also called alveoloplasty and it is the reshaping of the jawbone. This tends to be done if multiple teeth are pulled out, usually next to each other. A periodontist can see whatever ridge irregularities may be in your jaw and be able to reshape it all much easier than with a single tooth. This can also be done if a patient who is getting dentures has ridge irregularities that need to be corrected so that there are no complications down the road.

Bone Regeneration

Here’s where the periodontist tries to regrow back what is lost. This is not a simple procedure where he or she can inject something and then have you come back in a matter of days. No, this entire thing will be measured in months, not hours or even days or weeks. It’s going to take a while, but the results will be more than worth the time that you have to wait, since you’ll have what you thought was permanently gone. Then, other procedures like implants can be done.

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