When it comes to our teeth, many of us don’t even know where to start.  The experts at Bayside dentist will not only help you feel comfortable and relaxed at every visit, but will make sure that you leave with a healthy glowing smile and an improved feeling of self confidence.  We strive to not only give our patients and their teeth what they need, but also what they want!

What Do General Dentists Do?

When we hear the term ‘general’ we may often feel confused and not know exactly which services this doctor can provide.  At the Bayside dentist, we begin your visit with a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation.  Whether you come in for an excruciating toothache, bleeding gums or just a checkup and cleaning, our state of the art practice and experienced staff will make you feel at ease.  We are equipped to treat a variety of different chief complaints such as: gingivitis (disease of the gums), nerve root damage (root canal procedures), tooth extraction, cosmetic procedures (prosthetic tooth placement such as dentures) and even professional whitening.  While some patients may come in for a basic visit which leads to a filling, others may have underlying pathology which they may not know about, which can lead to follow up visits which include the placement of dentures, bridges or crowns.  

What Is The Value Of Visiting A General Dentist?

Unfortunately, studies show that a large number of adults worldwide do not attend their recommended bi-annual checkups and cleanings.  You can apply for CreditCare, dental plans, etc. This can be quite harmful to patients’ overall health, as issues in the mouth can lead to complications with infection, digestion, speech and facial appearance.  Many oral diseases develop over time, so visiting the dentist regularly will allow them to examine the surface of the enamel, tongue and gums, as well as take dental x-rays which will show anything brewing below the surface.  Even those who practice proper oral hygiene at home may not be aware of a damaged nerve root or deteriorating enamel, as they can often be asymptomatic for quite some time.

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