PQLApril 8, 2014

To Meghan Fialkoff,

I want to send my greatest appreciation again to David Tidman and his team from the foundation for a Drug Free World for coming to visit our Harlem Y teens on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. The workshop was a huge eye opener and informative session for our teens and they enjoyed it very much.

Thanks to your team and photographer Tameek Williams, our teens are more familiar with identifying the truth about the dangers of all types of drugs and its effects. They really know how to make a young crowed feel comfortable about discussing such an important topic.

I will continue to spread the word to other YMCA branches and partnered organizations about this magnificent program for teens. We are grateful that you have shared your knowledge with us.

Thanks so much

Soma Allen
Harlem YMCA
Youth & Family Program Assistant &
Mentor Program Coordinator