Best Mouthwash To UseGum disease can begin showing symptoms in various forms, but will almost always start as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). As it progresses, especially if left untreated by a dentist,, this condition will develop further into  painful periodontal disease and can even lead to tooth loss and decay. Bacteria developing in the mouth is the underlying cause and this can be fought by keeping the teeth and soft structures of the mouth healthy and well taken care of with mouthwash.

Why Rinse?

Most children and adults alike brush their teeth twice or even three times per day, so they may wonder why it’s important to rinse with mouthwash in addition.  Bacterial plaque cannot be removed from the structures in full without the powerful active ingredients in mouthwash.  It will not only freshen your breath, but will kill dangerous germs which are multiplying on the surfaces of your inner cheeks, tongue and gums.  If left untreated, you may experience pain and bleeding while brushing, receding of the gumline, pain when chewing food and even tooth loss.

How Will Mouthwash Help?

It is important to use the proper type of mouthwash to make both your breath and your smile more appealing.  There are specific ingredients which will kill the harmful bacteria and will remain active for up to twelve hours after you rinse.  Some varieties of mouthwash will even continue to protect the mouth after meals.  It is important to read the label carefully and make sure that you are purchasing an antimicrobial rinse, versus those which are designed just to improve the smell of breath.  It is best to look for a seal that reads ADA Acceptance, which stands for the American Dental Association, which sets the benchmark for dental products.

If you think that you may be experiencing signs of gum disease, contact the Bayside Dentist online at to schedule your consultation.  Dr. Fialkoff and his team of knowledgeable staff will not only evaluate and diagnose your mouth, but will also send you home with a comprehensive treatment plan which is sure to make you smile through the holiday season!